It’s that warm-and-fuzzy time of year when we start reflecting upon what we are thankful for. Here at NEXT! Ad Agency, we are feeling especially grateful for SEO and Google. And if you own a business, you should be thankful for them, too. Here’s why…

So what is SEO Anyway?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” The purpose of SEO is to drive traffic to a website organically. The search engines have robots that routinely crawl websites. That information is reported back to the search engines and is what helps them determine who will rank for each query. Google’s algorithm is quite complex, but by using some of the strategies mentioned below, there is a good chance your site will be ranked higher.

How Does SEO Benefit Your Business?

When your website is well-optimized, it will appear higher in search engine rankings, leading to more conversions. By using high-traffic keywords throughout your website content and in title tags and meta descriptions, as well as keywords that you specifically want your business to rank for, we give Google a clue as to what searches your website should show up for. Other ranking factors include internal linking, which allows both Google crawlers and visitors to easily navigate through your website. When creating a website, we strive to create fresh, relevant and unique content that not only engages users but also improves your organic rankings.

Watch the video below to learn why Rachel and Jeff, of NEXT! Ad Agency are so thankful for SEO and Google!

Let’s recap what Rachel and Jeff said!

Why Should You Be Thankful for SEO?

Ability to Leave Positive Reviews. Your customers and clients can leave reviews for your business on Google. When they post positive reviews, other potential clients are able to see those reviews and discover why people think your business is great! This increases trust in your business, as well as improves your search engine rankings.

Clear Content Hierarchy. When a website’s navigation is organized into a clear content hierarchy, Google is able to better understand and rank your website. When creating a website, our team strives to create a navigation bar that is easy to use and understand, and headings that highlight the important content on the page. We want readers to understand your website, even if they are just skimming.

Blogging. Google loves to see fresh, updated content on your website. However, your services, history and contact information doesn’t change very often. That’s why a blog page is so important. When blog posts are added to your site monthly, it gives Google something to look forward to and provides potential customers with engaging content.

Call to Actions. When creating a website, we place a call to action on every page. A call to action is a statement on your website that tells a potential customer what you would like them to do. For example, “Call us today for an appointment!” is a call to action. It lets the reader know how to get in contact with you and helps create a conversion.

Google Knowledge Graph. The Google Knowledge Graph is the box that appears on the right side of a Google search page when you search a company. The Knowledge Graph provides a potential customer with the most important information about your company at a glance. The name of your business, your address, phone number, website, and reviews are all included. For example, below is the Knowledge Graph for NEXT! Ad Agency.

Our Web/SEO Writers. Our writers are specifically trained in SEO. They know how to implement high-traffic, relevant keywords and internal linking into your website, while still keeping your content engaging and easy to read. They know how to write website content that will both improve your search engine rankings and provide a positive user experience.

At NEXT! Ad Agency in Rochester, NY, we are here to help drive traffic to your business by optimizing your website for Google.  We are very thankful for SEO and Google, and we hope you are, too! Contact us today at 585-427-0020 for more information about our SEO services and have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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