Interact with your customers like never before by adding a blog to your website! At NEXT! Ad Agency, we are dedicated to helping you retain and expand your customer base. A blog helps your business by providing visitors with unique, useful content and information, while promoting your services. Plus, it provides a great boost to your SEO! Google’s favorite thing to see is fresh content! With a blog you can provide that fresh, relevant content on a consistent basis.


Work with SEO-Trained Writers to Boost Your SEO

When you sign up for a blogging package with NEXT!, you will work closely with one of our SEO-trained writers. We will perform research on trending topics and create monthly posts that are 100% unique to you and your business. We will also post the blogs on your Facebook and any other social media platform you have.

Establish a Relationship with Customers

What sets our blogging packages apart is the custom posts written from scratch. We believe you get what you pay for! If you want blog posts that are duplicated across dozens of businesses- that’s not us! If you want generic posts with no research to back it up- that’s not us either! We cover trending topics and optimize each post to draw people to your website and boost engagement.

In each post, we will include links to other pages of your website, to encourage conversions! This is a subtle way of not only providing a potential customer with useful information, but also promoting your services with the likelihood that the reader will convert. It also increases the amount of time a person spends on your website, which makes a conversion more likely. A blog helps customers to establish trust in your business and sets you apart from the competition!

For more information about our blogging services, contact NEXT! Ad Agency today at 585-427-0020. Located in the heart of Rochester, NY, we are proud to help small and mid-size businesses in the United States and Canada improve their online reputation through our digital marketing services!