As a full service digital marketing agency, the team at NEXT! Ad Agency is dedicated to providing our customers with comprehensive services that increase their influence online, expand their client base, and boost their sales. Analytics tracking and advertising evaluations play a key role in helping your Account Manager develop a strategic marketing plan for your business. We use a full suite of tools to track relevant data about your business, and use our findings to enhance your online reputation, increase traffic to your website, and stay ahead of your competition.


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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most widely used web analytics service on the Internet. Simply put, it reports and tracks website traffic. This tool plays an important role in tracking how potential and returning customers are finding your website, how they are interacting with your site, and which pages are getting the most attention. Our team uses this tool to measure the effectiveness of current and past Google Adwords campaigns, social media outreach, and search engine optimization efforts.

Our Avatars can also be updated to include a customized 5 Question FAQ to answer any quick questions your customers have.

Google Tag Manager

Like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager is a free tool used to make it easier to add and update website tags. In the past, website tags would have to be added directly to the source code of a website. In other words, they could only be updated by your website developer or webmaster. Here at NEXT! Ad Agency, we use Google Tag Manager as a complement to Google Analytics to give us a deeper look into your conversion factors, site analytics, Adwords Campaigns, and more.

Custom Avatars

Our Avatars are one of our signature tools for evaluating how visitors are finding your website. Video Greeters welcome unique visitors and gather statistics on how they heard about your business. This information is then analyzed by your Account Team and compared with your current advertising campaigns. Our goal is to effectively eliminate any unnecessary spending on your part, and focus on the methods that are working to bring new customers to your site.

For more information about our full suite of analytics and site evaluation services, please contact NEXT! Ad Agency today at 585-427-0020. We serve small to mid-size businesses across the United States and Canada with comprehensive digital marketing services.