This blog post could just be one word: Yes.

But, you probably need more convincing than that. Why should you take time out of your day to start a blog? Business owners are extremely busy managing all facets of their company. No one wants to add yet another task to their plate.

However, if you are looking to bring in new customers, blogging might be the best place to start. More and more companies are jumping on the blogging bandwagon because of the traffic it brings. Add a blogging page to your website, and watch the number of clicks you receive skyrocket.

Blogs Boost Your SEO

You’ve probably been hearing the term “SEO” a lot recently. SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” The goal of optimizing your website is that when potential clients search for a service in their area on Google, your business shows up on the first page, preferably at the top. When Google crawls your website, it likes to see new, fresh content on your site. Blogging is the perfect way to continually add updated content to your website.

Pro Tip: Adding links to your content, especially links to pages within your website, helps Google, and users, navigate your site, which in turn increases your rankings. Plus, it helps readers find information!

Blogs are Successful for Driving Conversions

A blog is a form of inbound marketing, which means that potential customers are finding your information more organically. In a blog, you are providing someone with information or answers that they need. The calls to action are more natural; throw in some relevant internal links, or at the end of the post, tell the client to visit your website for additional information or services that can address their problems. In this way, you build client trust – the reader sees that you are trying to help them, rather than trying to sell them something.

Health Marketing Inc.’s report above shows that not only does inbound marketing, such as blogging, result in more conversions, but it results in cheaper conversions. Running a blog is much more cost-effective than running an ad.

Blogs Engage the Reader

Having a blog increases the amount of time a person spends on your site. Blog posts draw in readers with their unique, fresh content. So the reader is spending time reading the post. Then, as mentioned above, your blog post should have internal links. To seek out more relevant information, the reader may click on those internal links, taking them to other pages of your website. Blog posts are designed to provide readers with the information they need in a more personable manner, which allows readers to increase their trust in you. And the longer someone spends on your site, the more likely that you will gain a conversion.

Plus, readers have the opportunity to share your blog posts to their social media, where others who may not have found your website otherwise can now read and comment. This increases your audience and awareness of your business, as well as boosts your web presence, which in turn helps your search rankings.

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