Pumpkin spice season and the NFL kickoff are right around the corner ‒ and although it’s not quite time to bust out your hoodies and snow tires, the beginning of the end of 2021 is here.

Q4 starts on October 1 and will take us all the way to December 31. How can your small business finish 2021 strong and get ahead in the new year? NEXT! Ad Agency explores digital marketing tips for Q4 success that’ll make this year one for the books.

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Brainstorm Seasonal Deals, Specials, & Promotions

With the transition from warmer to cooler weather and all the holidays in between, there’s plenty of opportunities to generate more business and sales in October, November, and December.

Retail businesses can look forward to Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas as prime sales events with weeks of build-up and promotion. This will also be the time of year when contractors help customers prepare their homes for winter.

Even if your company’s peak season doesn’t fall within Q4, there are other ways you can get creative through sales and various promotions.

With the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing and the holidays and cold weather approaching, special offers on services can go a long way for financially strapped consumers. Something like a discounted haircut, teeth cleaning, or a deal on car maintenance could make all the difference to someone struggling to afford these services within their monthly budget. So, why not put the focus in Q4 back on your customers and end 2021 on an empathetic note.

Once you’ve come up with the ways you’re going to draw in more customers, it’s time to execute on them!

Increase Your Social Media Traction

As people begin to spend more time indoors and prepare for the upcoming holiday season, your social media presence will become all the more important. This is prime time to build brand awareness, gain more followers, and direct traffic to your website.

Whether it be a change in business hours, an upcoming deal or promotion, or a shout-out to an employee or loyal customer, post about it on your social media pages. Stay active on your social media pages, publishing posts at least twice a week, or preferably more.

In your social media posts, always include links to your website, your business phone number, other contact information, your location, as well as relevant hashtags. You can further engage with your followers by taking the time to read their comments and respond on an individual basis.

Interested in coming up with a social media strategy? Reach out to schedule a consultation with one of our social media coordinators. Otherwise, let’s continue to explore more digital marketing tips for Q4 success.

Use PPC Advertising to Your Advantage

When it comes to targeting a local or regional audience and converting more clicks into sales leads, the nature of the game is all about pay-per-click advertising. Specifically, Google Ads can help your company hone in on high-value keywords, appear higher on search engine results pages, and generate more clicks to your website.

If converting more web traffic into sales leads is a high priority in Q4, Google Ads can produce better results more quickly than organic website optimization. We also recommend Google Ads if your company’s peak season falls within Q4.

Looking to improve your Facebook following? You could also kickstart a Facebook ad campaign to gain more visibility, increase your number of followers, and convert views into potential sales. With Facebook ads, it’s easier to narrow down your audience on the social platform and target prospective customers searching for your products or services.

Want to learn more about pay-per-click advertising and how you can start a PPC campaign before 2022 rolls around? Contact us today!

Prune Your Website

There’s no better time than the present to remove low-quality content and clean up your website to improve its search engine performance. With content pruning, we can help you remove old, low-traffic web pages, optimize your existing content, and improve your website’s overall quality and user experience.

If you currently have a live website with NEXT! Ad Agency, get in touch with your account manager to schedule a content audit. Your SEO and content team will analyze your site’s performance and come up with a plan to refresh your website and improve its search engine ranking.

Having an optimized, mobile-friendly website is essential to increasing web traffic in 2021, and will continue to be the case in 2022 and beyond. With that said, now is the time to get the ball rolling with your new website design and development process.

Don’t put off creating your company’s website. Contact NEXT! Ad Agency today to schedule a consultation. That way, your newly designed, mobile-first website will go live early on in 2022.

Drive New Growth with Digital Marketing Tips for Q4 Success

Get your NFL jerseys and ciders ready… It’s almost time for Q4 and to lay the foundation for new growth and success in 2022!

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