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Scary Digital Marketing Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Halloween is the one time of year when people actively seek out thrills and embrace the experience and sensation of feeling afraid. But between the ongoing pandemic and the myriad of social, political, and economic challenges sweeping the United States and countries around the world, this Halloween season already feels frightening enough for many ‒ [...]

Creating a Marketing Strategy for 2022

There are many misconceptions about the meaning of “strategy”. You may find people using the word “strategically” to describe critical decision making, or using a specific “tactic” to achieve a favorable outcome. Believe it or not, it’s much simpler than that. Every business needs a strategy - even donut shops! No matter your industry, we'll [...]

Digital Marketing Tips for Q4 Success

Pumpkin spice season and the NFL kickoff are right around the corner ‒ and although it’s not quite time to bust out your hoodies and snow tires, the beginning of the end of 2021 is here. Q4 starts on October 1 and will take us all the way to December 31. How can your small [...]

Google Partners with GoDaddy: What It Means for E-Commerce

Are you interested in starting an e-commerce website for your small business? How can you get your brand in front of more prospective customers online? Google and GoDaddy have recently teamed up to help merchants and small businesses reach a wider online audience… and the partnership can mean new and faster growth for e-commerce brands [...]

How to Increase Your Web Traffic in 2021

Securing the #1 spot on Google in 2021 is the equivalent of what advertising on the main street billboard was 20 years ago. In other words, a high search engine ranking is the ultimate stage for your business ‒ and every successful small business needs a strong online presence nowadays. But if your website’s performance [...]

2021 Digital Media Resolutions: Social Media Marketing

February is already here: Have you stuck to your small business resolutions for 2021? Or, do you find yourself among the 80% of folks who stop pursuing their New Year’s resolutions by the second week of February? 2021 has only just begun, and it’s hard for most folks to kick old habits in any regular [...]

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2021 Digital Media Resolutions: Video Content

The New Year is well underway, and for many of us, small businesses and individuals alike, we would prefer not to look back in the rearview mirror and reflect on all the surprises and challenges we came up against in 2020. While there is no certainty on how much longer small businesses will be under [...]

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Digital Marketing Trends We’re Grateful For in 2020

It’s that time of year again: can you already smell the turkey, cranberry, and pine? This Thanksgiving, it’s all the more important to remember the little things we have to be grateful for —2020 has been a challenging year for families, small businesses, and communities across the United States. Through all the changes we’ve endured, [...]

How Video Content Can Help You Stay Connected

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, new, unprecedented challenges have emerged for small businesses and communities across the United States. With social distancing measures in place and limitations on face-to-face interactions, technology and digital strategies have bridged gaps within communities and between businesses and their audiences. Since the virus outbreak, more than 80% of [...]

How to Write & Optimize Your Legal Blog

As a lawyer, you want clients to feel like they can turn to you for advice, guidance, and support. While your website showcases your practice areas, it doesn’t always provide the space you need to flesh out what you’re capable of in the courtroom. A legal blog provides the platform you need to get down [...]

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