According to Statista research, Google Plus had 300 million active users as of January 2014. Its continuous growth proves that is not a ghost town of a social network, and should be used in your online marketing strategy.

It is hard for the average business owner (and even social media industry leaders) to understand the impacts that Google Plus has on SEO, however. Research has proven that it does have an impact in certain situations.

For example, if someone follows your Google Plus page, they are more likely to see your published posts. If they interact with your posts, that’s even better. The other accounts that person follows will have more exposure to your content as well. this increased exposure helps build your network which, impacts SEO in one way or an other.

Businesses need to claim their Google local page (a part of their Google Plus presence). If you have been in business for some time, then Google has already created a listing for your business and you can claim it with a verification code that you receive via phone or email. Next! Ad Agency (where I work! :D) is always helping local business with this process. Your page will need updating in order to grow your online presence which, will help your business be found online and lead to more business. If you don’t believe me, just check out our testimonials. We often find a lot of misleading information on these local pages that business owners aren’t even aware of until we bring it to their attention.

Having the correct information representing your business through out all the online social and review sites will help build its network correctly and bring your business to higher rankings in search results. The information provided in this blog post is a good example of how working on social media networks and search engine optimization go hand in hand.



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