It’s that time of year again: can you already smell the turkey, cranberry, and pine?

This Thanksgiving, it’s all the more important to remember the little things we have to be grateful for —2020 has been a challenging year for families, small businesses, and communities across the United States. Through all the changes we’ve endured, technology and digital media have helped us stay connected with one another and adjust to the new way of operating in a pandemic-stricken world.

For Thanksgiving, NEXT! Ad Agency is serving up the digital marketing trends we’re most grateful for and diving into all the ways they can help your small business or community thrive and stay connected in the New Year.

We hope you’re hungry!

Voice Search

Have you ever tried checking the score of the Thanksgiving football game while stuffing a turkey?

It’s a little complicated; but with the help of a voice assistant, you can pull up the score of the game with a simple voice command.

Voice search has long been forecasted as the future of digital marketing. In many ways, it is already here. Today, thumbing through pages and scrolling away on our smartphones is a thing of the past. With a simple voice search, you can order takeout, call a local business, find out what’s happening in the community — the possibilities are endless.

There are over 4 billion digital voice assistants currently in use around the world, and that figure is expected to exceed the number of humans living on our planet by 2023.

Will your business or community website be optimized for voice search by then?

This year, CGI Communications and NEXT! Ad Agency rolled out a new voice search tool that can create a better and more streamlined user experience for your clients and website visitors. Want to learn more about Magellan, our new voice search tool option? Reach out to us today!

Video Content

If one digital marketing trend prevailed in 2020, video content certainly takes the crown.

In the midst of a “new normal”, where quarantining, lockdowns, and social distancing have become commonplace for people around the globe, we’ve been able to stay connected with our friends, co-workers, and loved ones with the help of online video platforms.

In particular, video has helped small businesses and communities grapple with the challenge of limited physical contact. With video content, you can connect, inform, and build trust with your audience, all while enhancing your website and better optimizing it for higher search engine rankings.

Are you interested in showcasing your community, chamber of commerce, or business with video content? Discover more here!

“Story” Content

We may not be able to gather around the Thanksgiving table with extended family and friends this year, but with Facebook and Instagram Stories, we can share slices of our Thanksgivings at home with a wide and practically infinite worldwide audience.

“Story” content may not seem like a traditional marketing tactic, but many small businesses have taken to Facebook and Instagram Stories to promote and provide authentic glimpses into their brands. These platforms allow users to create live video and picture narratives that are only available to audiences for 24 hours.

With over 3 billion social media users around the world, “story” content can bridge the gap between a new, younger, and tech-savvy consumer base and small businesses.

If social media marketing is part of your business resolutions list for 2021, our team is ready to help.

Which Digital Marketing Trends Are You Grateful For?

Video content, voice search, and “story” content may take the pie this Thanksgiving. Still, there is truly no shortage of digital marketing trends your community or business can take advantage of in the New Year.

Our worlds may look and feel very different compared to years prior. With the help of digital media and technology, we can face the challenges and come out adaptable, successful, and better in the end.

From all of us at CGI Communications and NEXT! Ad Agency, we want to wish you a Healthy and Happy Thanksgiving!

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