Have you ever heard the phrase, “Kill your darlings”? When you take the time and effort to write something, it can be challenging, maybe even painful, to press the “Delete” button.

But when it comes to your website content, less is truly more. It’s tempting to fill your website with sentence upon sentence, paragraph upon paragraph, of details, definitions, examples, and more. But the key is to look at your website from a user’s perspective. You need to provide enough information to convince someone to contact you, but not so much that your site becomes overwhelming.

Be Short, Sweet, & To The Point! Potential Customers Will Thank You.

Think About Why Someone is on Your Site

When someone clicks on your website, they want to know what you do, where they can find you, and how they can contact you. And they want that information in as few words as possible. According to an article by ContentStandard, a reader will only take in 28% of a piece of online content, “due to a ‘disruptive effect’ that occurs when scrolling. Factor in other aspects such as eye-strain from looking at bright screens and elements like sidebars and hyperlinks all meant to pull focus, and it’s no wonder that it can be hard for content marketers to hold a visitor’s attention.”

person asleep at computer

Too much content may result in your potential customer turning into this guy.

A potential customer doesn’t want paragraph upon paragraph of descriptions, no matter how skillfully written they are. So if the information they need is hidden behind walls of text, they are going to get frustrated and go looking somewhere else, costing you business and increasing your bounce rate (which hurts your SEO!)

Consider How You Find Your Information

People don’t want lengthy definitions of every single one of your services. If they want to know what something is, most likely they are going to go to Google for a definition. Odds are, they know exactly what services they are looking for and why by the time they end up on your site. So, they aren’t going to your website to see what a service is, but rather if you offer that service and what sets you apart.

So How Can You Make Your Content Meaningful?

By no means should you just slap a bulleted list of services on your website and call it a day. You want to provide content that makes a potential customer choose you over someone else. So, when talking about a service, rather than providing a definition, focus on how the way you perform that service sets you apart. Do you have specialized training? Do you use a certain type of technology to deliver the service? This is what is interesting to a potential customer, and what will encourage them to make a conversion, boosting your business and your SEO!

Are you facing walls of text that you can’t seem to break through? Our web/SEO writers can help. We can help you create a website with enticing content that excites rather than overwhelms. Contact us today at 585-427-0020 to get started!

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