Did you know the average human’s attention span is shorter than a goldfish’s?

Whether consumers click on your website, hear about you on a word-of-mouth basis, or walk by your storefront, you have one short-lived chance to grab their attention.

So, how do you reckon with the short human attention span and still get people interested in your brand?

There’s no shortage of ways you can build your brand and reel in your audience, but none are as powerful and miraculous as having a business logo.

Are you ready to create a business logo and inspire new growth for your company? Here’s why logos are so miraculous and how to start brainstorming ideas for one that will drive results! If you’d like to begin designing your logo, contact NEXT! Ad Agency today!

A Logo Establishes Your Brand & Creates an Identity

All widely-renowned companies across all industries have one thing in common: They all have a timeless and recognizable logo.

McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Nike… The list goes on. We can easily spot and identify these trademark logos no matter where we are in the world.

But brand recognition still matters even to mom and pop shops and local small businesses. According to Nick Prinzing, a graphic designer at NEXT! Ad Agency:

“Every business, especially a small one, needs a logo. Whether you’re trying to stand out in a small town or online, the only way you’ll do that is with a well-made logo. It provides an identity, a first impression, it describes what you do, and how you do it all in a singular image.”

Create a Strong First Impression

Say there were three hair salons. One hair salon has a minimalist logo with a chic font and a sleek pair of black and white scissors. The second hair salon has a colorful logo with bold font and custom-drawn scissors. The third salon doesn’t have a logo.

Where would you choose to go for a haircut? Would you choose the salon without a logo?

Most likely not. Because when it comes to your hair, you need to have trust in the person who is cutting it, and consumers are more likely to trust the salon with a logo than one without.

A logo establishes trust right from the moment a consumer walks past your storefront or stumbles upon your website or social media.

On the first impression, a strong and memorable logo paves the way for a quality experience. When it looks like a company put effort and thought into their logo, it can be representative of how much they care and invest in their business.

You Distinguish Yourself from the Competition

A logo demonstrates your expertise, professionalism, as well as ownership of your products, services, and brand. It also helps you stand out from the competition and communicates how you’re different.

Let’s go back to the hair salon example previously discussed and explore what their logos could reveal about them:

The first salon with the stylish logo, for example, could be a boutique salon that offers pricier haircuts and higher-end hair treatments. The second salon with the vibrant logo could specialize in coloring services. The third salon that doesn’t have a logo may not even be a salon for all that the average consumer knows.

With all that said and done, a logo establishes brand identity and what kind of experience a particular brand has to offer. Without a logo, your brand loses legitimacy in the eyes of consumers.

How to Brainstorm Ideas for a Logo

Whether you’re looking to revamp your current logo, or you’re starting from scratch, there are a few ways to create a strong and successful logo.

First, understand that developing a logo is an investment. You don’t want to give your audience the wrong impression with an outdated logo or one that is poor in quality.

Of course, you may have a budget to work within, but it is still possible to invest in a logo that won’t hurt your wallet. To help cut down on costs, it’s essential to nail down your plan and vision and execute it accordingly.

Need help brainstorming your company logo? NEXT! Ad Agency’s team of graphic designers are ready to help! Get in touch with us today!

Find Inspiration from Your Competition

Find inspiration from your competitors and the authoritative brands that influence you and your small business.

“Analyze your competition’s branding,” says Nick Prinzing. “What common imagery do you see? What’s trendy? What’s outdated? By studying the design trends in your industry, you’ll guide yourself towards a logo that is appropriate, yet unique.”

Make Your Message Clear

Think of the language you would use to describe your brand. Upon first glance, consumers should be able to identify what it is you do.

You may have a mission statement or a company slogan. You can create a powerful impact by adding visuals to heighten and highlight your company message. If your mission statement is on the longer side, play around with the language, make it more concise, and use all-encompassing, action-driven words.

You can also find inspiration from your competition. What words and tone do their logos convey? How could you spin these words and phrases to make them unique to your company?

Think of Your Target Audience

A logo can indicate how well you know your audience. If people love your logo, it will help to plant the seeds for brand loyalty and create an association between a positive experience and your brand recognition.

Think about your ideal customer and what types of colors, images, fonts, and styles they would like most. If your target audience varies and includes different age groups and demographics, go for something neutral yet striking… and be patient with the process!

Nick Prinzing adds: “Great logos aren’t made on the first try, so draft several ideas before choosing one. This logo is your future, so don’t rush it.”

Open New Doors with a Strong & Successful Business Logo

Between your website, social media pages, print advertisements, and everything in between, there are all types of platforms where you can showcase your business logo.

Don’t leave your small business in the dark any longer. Experience the miracle of having a strong logo and let NEXT! Ad Agency design a custom logo that will drive new growth and put your business on the map!

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