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Rolling Hills Local School District

Great Job: Allen Thomas, Gerald Battoglia, Dan Cox, & Kyle Roof


Culture, Innovation, and Pride. A district founded on the belief that every student can succeed…

From humble beginnings to national recognition, Rolling Hills School District has made impressive strides to become the elite institution it is today.

Whether through the award winning academics or championship caliber extracurriculars, Rolling Hills students are provided with an array of opportunities for both academic and personal growth.
At Rolling Hills, all students are provided an iPad and a technology embedded learning environment that fosters creativity and innovation.
Additionally, our technology-rich Colt College and Career Center offers students the chance to earn college credit in over 100 different courses!
For an education that is second to none, come visit,

Rolling Hills Local Schools…Go COLTS!

At Meadowbrook High School’s Colt College and Career Center, the mantra is simple…
Ability is what you’re capable of doing, Motivation determines what you do, and attitude determines how well you do it.
With twelve credentialed professors on staff and over one hundred different course offerings, Meadowbrook high school students can enroll in our nationally recognized college credit plus program that allows them to earn up to two years of college credit without leaving our campus!
Rolling Hills has seen incredible growth since the start of this program…college enrollment among students has nearly doubled since our origin.

At Rolling Hills, students are given the skills to succeed…

In today’s constantly changing world, Rolling Hills Local School District takes pride in its innovative learning environments.

Here, students have access to iPads, Smartboards, Apple TVs, and engaging learning experiences.

At Rolling Hills, students have the world at their fingertips…

Students use their devices to communicate and collaborate, while teachers facilitate opportunities for creativity and innovation.

Rolling Hills strives to push boundaries and develop within their students the skills needed to become contributors to today’s society.

Learners today, leaders tomorrow.

Rolling Hills Local Schools prides itself on its cutting edge learning environment. But being a Colt isn’t only about academics…

From championship caliber sports, to music, art and technology programs, Rolling Hills supports student expression through multiple means.

Meadowbrook’s award winning business and agricultural programs provide students with the experience and skills needed for success beyond graduation.

The broad range of extracurricular activities provides an inclusive environment to give students an avenue to explore their passions, and take on the world…

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