Social media (SM) should be used by businesses to have conversations with audiences online, amongst other things, even though its not a silver bullet. If a business uses traditional marketing only, such as yellow pages, the business could be left behind in the online world which, can translate to the streets.


There is not one SM strategy that is the end all equation for each business. Every business has its objectives and a unique SM strategy can contribute to meeting those objectives. Don’t think so? Read on and you should change your mind…

  • Americans spend 37 minutes daily engaging on SM sites – that’s more than any other activity online.

  • In the U.S., over 127 billion minutes are spent monthly on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter combined.

  • SM is another channel of communication between consumers and brands. It can have great power when used correctly. Consumers can become brand ambassadors.

social-media-networks(Source: Leverage. Social media image via Shutterstock.)

  • 73 percent of all consumers are more likely to purchase after watching videos explaining a product or service. SM is free marketing. Its real cost is time.

  • There are many tools that will help with planning and executing SM strategies and understanding the ROI.

  • Audiences on SM sites could already be mentioning your brand – there could be naysayers. It is necessary to know what could, or is, being said about your brand to prevent and take care of crisis.

The statistics mentioned above come from recent Business Insider Intelligence reports.

With the amount of information available about SM strategy it’s hard to figure out what is solid advice, however. I believe there is a way that social can help every business. With the amount of time people spend on social sites, there’s no denying that there are great opportunities for your brand, and as a business owner you should take a hold of those opportunities to make sure they are positive. It will help your business stay open online and off.


Learn more about how to manage your SM presence in the DIY SM section.

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