A lot of viral videos on the Internet today comprise context over quality. Even an amateur filming with a cell phone can convey a vital or impactful message. So imagine if you could convey a solid statement with incredible looking video footage. What would that mean for your small business or community?

Grabbing your target customer’s attention and converting it into an inquiry, a phone call, or a sale is always the goal of advertising. Today, you are no longer held back by what you can do ‒ because with drone marketing, you have the potential to create strong, eye-catching advertisements packed with plenty of WOW factor to lure consumers in.

The sky’s the limit… literally! In this article, NEXT Ad Agency will focus on the benefits of drone video for community and small business marketing and why it’s important to do your due diligence when hiring a Drone Operator. If you’d like to talk more about how drone marketing can help your community or small business, contact us today.

Let’s get started!

Consumer Drone Technology Is the Now

Video content creates endless opportunities for small businesses and communities to connect with consumers, improve website performance, and drive new growth. With aerial footage, every business and community can elevate their video content and capture their audience’s attention ‒ and fortunately, creating promotional aerial footage is easier than ever before.

Less than a decade ago, acquiring aerial footage required professional helicopter or plane services. Community leaders and business owners would then have to hire videographers or photographers to capture the bird’s eye view from the sky.

Not only was this a complicated expenditure ‒ it was expensive, well beyond the scope of a typical small business budget. But since the emergence of consumer drones, capturing beautiful, whole picture shots from above has become universally available and affordable!

So, what are the ways your small business or community can create a drone marketing strategy?

The Limitlessness of Drones Today

As a small business owner, you could showcase your property for sale, fly inside your manufacturing facility, show off the details of your completed roofing project, or capture the landscape around your new construction development project.

You could even complement customer testimonials with aerial footage that focuses on your brick-and-mortar or community from above.

For communities, drone footage allows you to capture the eclectic quality of life of your residents, show off your picture-perfect hometown community, and give residents and visitors alike a unique bird’s eye view from above.

Again, the sky’s the limit!

Where the “WOW” Takes Flight

So, you’re interested in using drone footage for your small business or community. And like anyone else, you want to make sure you hire the right professional for the job. Who is going to capture those fantastic, jaw-dropping shots?

It’s important to note that there’s a continual rise in the drone operator industry with many different professionals to choose from. You’ll come across two different types of drone operators: the Hobbyist/Recreational and the FAA Part 107 Licensed Commercial Drone Operator.

If you want beautiful, high-quality drone footage that gets people interested in your business or small community, the one you want is the 107 Licensed Operator. Let’s dive into why.

The Benefits of Hiring a Licensed Drone Operator

There are many rules and regulations when operating a drone in the National Airspace, and those rules and regulations are changing ever so often. 107 Licensed Drone Operators are aware of those changes and strive to stay up-to-date.

By hiring an FAA Licensed Drone Operator, you can remove the fear of legal liability on you as the employer or community.

You as the Employer could be legally liable for anything that occurs during a Drone Operation and can be fined for hiring a non-licensed Drone Operator. A licensed Drone Operator can take this stress off of you and provide a sense of security and ensure the safety of the flight.

What To Look for When Hiring a Professional Drone Operator

Unless you’re a film director or a videographer, chances are you’re not sure what you should look for in a video professional, let alone a Drone Operator. So, how do you find the right Drone Operator for your project and verify they’re the best?

First, ask if they are FAA Part 107 licensed and request a copy of their 107 license, as well as a copy of their insurance. Next, run through this list of questions as you interview and look at their portfolio:

  • Is their license up to date? Two years after the issue date, the Drone Operator is required to renew their Part 107 license in order to remain current.
  • Are their shots smooth, or are they jerky?
  • Are they creative in their execution?
  • Are the shots well exposed where you can see everything clear? Nothing is too bright or too dark?
  • Do they look to be flying safely, or flying too close to traffic and pedestrians?

By doing your due diligence in properly vetting your Drone Operator, you can be sure you’re going to get the highest quality looking product!

Drone Marketing for Communities & Small Businesses: Time for Lift Off!

We are in an ever-evolving, technologically-driven world, where small businesses and communities have the advantage. With drone footage, you can make a bold visual statement, stand out from the competition, and shine in your community.

It’s time to take your business to new heights today! Contact NEXT! Ad Agency today to learn more about drone marketing and how it can help drive new growth for your small business or community.

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