It’s an annoyance that’s all too common for business owners: Frequent phone calls from individuals who claim to work for Google. They tell you, “there is a problem with your business’ Google page” or “we will make your business the top page on local searches.” Unfortunately, these harassing callers are a farce.

They do not work for Google and they do not have the authority to make you business the top search result. Though they may be fully functioning search engine optimization (SEO) businesses, they are not affiliated with Google.

Considering the importance of Google search engine standings for small to mid-sized businesses, it’s not a surprise that this happens so regularly. A solid ranking helps a business be seen at a higher frequency, which generates more website traffic, and likely new business.

Knowing this, scammers and shady SEO businesses fabricate their connection to Google in order to lure business owners into giving them access to their business’ Google page, as well as their money. They make dozens of calls, both in-person and via computer automation, in hopes of capitalizing on Google’s value for businesses.


Scammers will use the Google’s reputation and fear to coerce business owners into making misinformed decisions.

Many times, these callers will attempt to strike fear into business owners by claiming that there is an issue with their Google page that will require money to fix it. Using fear, they force owners to make quick and rash decisions in which they pay money to these Google-frauds.

We want our clients, as well as other business owners, to take the proper precautions when dealing with these individuals.

Know that Google does not make calls regarding your search engine standing.

Google does not promise anybody that they can put them on the first page of search results.

Google does not charge for inclusion on Google My Business or Google Search.

Google does not offer to manager you business’ profile.

If Google is contacting you at all, it is most likely to verify your business or request information for Google Maps. Though businesses may be partners with Google (like NEXT! Ad Agency), they are not Google.

Google has posted several pieces that are designed to clarify these fraudulent scenarios. Elizabeth Powers posted on a forum regarding these calls, and Google created a page for avoiding and reporting scams associated with their name. Unfortunately, Google has done little else to prevent these types of phone-calls.

The legitimacy of any SEO business should always be put into question. Not because there are no credible businesses that provide these services, but because there are so many that are scams. When it comes to business like this, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If you have questions about calls like these, please don’t hesitate to contact NEXT! Ad Agency.

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