Recently, some of our website staffers were discussing signs that a website should be updated or totally overhauled. As websites play an intricate role in digital marketing for any business, we thought we’d share some of the discussion with you!

Patrick King: “If your site looks like it’s from Geocities, circa 1998, or if your site still uses Web 2.0 features (excessive gloss/gradients/drop shadows)”

Rachael Smarcz: “Most people are looking at websites on their phones, on the go. If your site is outdated, not mobile-friendly or if it’s not displaying pertinent information upfront; that creates a less than satisfactory mobile experience. If your website falls into any of these categories, consider investing in an upgrade!”

Look familiar? A person buried in their phone? This is how many internet users access your website. So, shouldn’t it be mobile-friendly?

Allison Hartman: “When a client visits your website, imagine it is like they are visiting your place of business. You would not want a client coming into your business and purchasing outdated, irrelevant, or expired products. You would not offer them a service that is obsolete. You certainly would not want them thinking your building or office looks like it is falling apart. Your website should be no different, just like anything else it needs to be updated in order to stay one-step ahead of your competitors.”

Cory Marra: “If your website is highly unresponsive and looks like it was made when pagers were cool, it’s time to upgrade. More than half of people are viewing sites on mobile these days so it’s super important that your website is easy to navigate on all devices or people are more likely to leave your site quickly.”

Pauline Wegman: “I would say that you know you need to update your website when it no longer makes you excited about your business and what it has to offer. If it’s dull or does not grab your attention, then it’s not going to attract clients. Your website should be a representation of your brand, and ultimately, you should be proud of it!”

Notice how our most recent Website of the Month has a theme that fits the coloring of their logo. This is important for branding on a consistent level.

Katie Marcy: “Similar to rebranding your businesses logo, websites need the same attention! Design trends are changing everyday, and before you know it, 5+ years may go by and your website is completely outdated. Upgrading your website is not only beneficial for your businesses search rankings, but benefit the user experience your clients will have while visiting your website.”

Abbey Leyendecker: “If you’re still going to your developer/designer to make every change then that’s a sign your website is outdated. Today there are so many CMS (content management systems) out there, that if you’re not on one, you can assume your site needs some updating. Sure not every change can or should be made by you, but you should be able to update content and a picture now and then. Once your using a CMS (wordpress, squarespace, etc) the rest your outdated problems go away too, such as old design trends and not being mobile friendly.”

Justin Blue: When I look at a website and think ‘Wow, Comic Sans could improve this.’ I know it’s over the hill. Or, when I see a website contained by a box taking up a third of the screen dead center, it’s time for an upgrade. Extra points for beveled and embossed edges.”

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