Where do people get their information? It depends. If you think about those who are going to be moving to a new location, the answer is Google. People who are going to move to a different place will search for information online. They are called premovers.

Recently, CGI Communications Inc. bought a company called Weblink because like CGI, Weblink was working with many chambers of commerce (COC) and cities all over the USA, providing them with banner ads that go on the COC and city websites. The banner ads are for helping the best local businesses gain exposure to premovers who will need their services once they move there. An example can be seen below:

ScreenHunter_1083 Jun. 10 11.55

In 2005 Google patented search algorithm software to ensure that when people search a town or city the official government website for that area is the first search result. This is because an official government website is the most trusted source of information a premover can learn from about an area they may be/are moving to. For over a decade, CGI Communications has been producing informational videos about COC and cities, for those who would like to partner with us for free, and those videos go on the official government website. Placed all around that video are other local businesses videos/logos, also produced by CGI, and which were signed up through CGI to have that spot. There are no other organizations with this product that we call eLocalLink Online Video Tours a.k.a. video chapter programs. Also part of this product are different tabs (chapters) premovers can switch between to check out specific industries in the area. Examples are below:

ScreenHunter_1084 Jun. 10 13.34

ScreenHunter_1085 Jun. 10 13.36

It’s 2015 and mostly everyone has a mobile phone. This makes video the best vehicle to address an audience.

Weblinks’ banner ads are a similar product to CGI’s video chapter programs, allowing premovers to learn all about the best local area businesses for their needs. Weblink has also created directories on COC and city websites, which are lists of the best local businesses. CGI is placing videos into the directories with another product we have developed called GoCast. GoCast allows the owners of the local business that’s listed to have the GoCast app on their mobile phone. When our cleints use the app, they can record a video and press the “send” button that will make the video instantly live next to their listing on their COC or city websites’ directories. The COC or city also have the GoCast app which broadcasts videos on the home page of their website. You can see an example in the following image that’s on the Durango COC website for Southwest Supplies, an appliance company:

ScreenHunter_1092 Jun. 15 15.34


Blows up when clicked on:
ScreenHunter_1093 Jun. 15 15.35

CGI’s Brandon Bartz, a Vice President in our Marketing Department, has been coordinating all of the communication between the COCs and cities that CGI has started working with through our acquisition of Weblink over the past five months. He has been the catalyst of the movement making business leaders aware of the exclusive and limited video marketing opportunity that is available through CGIs partnerships and technology.

For those of you who don’t know, CGI works directly with the National League of Cities and the U.S. Conference of Mayors. This is an exclusive relationship that is formed with a select few organizations.

Our strong relations with these government organizations allows CGI to be recognized by community leaders as a trusted entity. We are always on a mission to COC and cities, and their best local businesses, with video marketing and other non traditional strategies, as it plays an important role in driving growth in the world today. Read more in our other blog post about why visuals are important for marketing.

GoCast is so important for cities for things such as amber alerts, tutorials, other alerts like floods and what to do. Also, GoCast allows businesses to get in front of premover audiences visiting COC and city websites and can also be placed on the businesses website. There is nothing like being able to meet the mayor of a place you’re moving to, or an orthodontist you were referred to in exmaple, by viewing a video where they greet you and show you around. It’s the most powerful and persuasive form of marketing.

Learn more about CGI’s story, products and services by visiting our website at www.cgicompany.com. If you are a community leader or business owner be sure to give us a call and find out how we can help your community and/or business grow.

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