Hello, my name is Kelsey Tamblin and I am a certified Google AdWords Coordinator! I have worked for NEXT! Ad Agency for nearly two years and I hope that by writing this post more people will understand the basics of Google AdWords PPC and the many benefits it provides businesses.

AdWords has a lot to offer business owners. As everyone (literally everyone) uses the internet on a regular basis, businesses should be conscious of where they are advertising.

Yes, TV commercials are great since almost everyone watches TV. But how many can say that they actually enjoy or pay attention to them (if they don’t fast forward right past them)?

Many change the channel when radio commercials start up, rather than hear the same ones over and over.

The internet is the main focus for advertising these days. There are so many eyes that could potentially see your business online, and why wouldn’t you want to be where you can be seen?! Now, you just have to master where and how to advertise online.

First, know where people go when they’re online to search for a service. Google accounts for 75.2% of the U.S. search market and 87.1% of the mobile search market (according to ExpandedRamblings.com).

Now that that’s settled, let’s go over the perks of advertising on America’s most dominant search engine website.

AdWords helps businesses appear in search results in locations where they normally can’t be seen with their website and SEO. Google only allows businesses to come up for normal searches based on their brick and mortar physical address location area. They also only allow you to appear in searches that they see your business offers from, your categories on your business listings, and from your website.

google ads

Outlined in red are paid Google AdWord campaigns appearing on a general search for “dentists.”

AdWords expands your opportunities and prevents you from having to jump through all of the hoops that allow you to be listed on a Google Search.

It is essentially the option to pay to be seen at the top of a Google Search, which is what all businesses want.

One minor restriction on AdWords is character limit, but, really, the campaigns are fully customizable to any industry in any location. One challenge presented to many business owners is reaching the target customer, but, thankfully there are businesses like NEXT! Ad Agency (where I work) that can take on that burden.

Another important thing to understand is that the creation and maintenance of an AdWords campaign is key to allowing it to continuously thrive.

There are so many reasons to choose to do Google AdWords as a business, but probably the best reasons include your ability to choose what your ads say, choose what search queries to come up for, choose where your ads are shown, and ultimately, choose how much you spend on the advertising.

I hope this post was informative and useful for anybody out there trying to be seen by a larger audience. If you have any questions or comments about Google AdWords, be sure to comment below!

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