The holidays have arrived, which can mean a lot of things for business owners. Maybe it means the end of the fiscal year, or maybe it means you can expect an influx of time off requests from your staff. Whatever the case may be, there’s a lot to think about in the month of December. However, there is one element of the holiday season businesses often overlook when it comes to marketing efforts: HOLIDAY FESTIVITIES!

Holiday parties, in many ways, are a perfect reflection of your business’ personality, values, and relationships and is something you should be showing off. Your staff is coming together to socialize, bond and, ultimately, show their spirit in a unified manner. This is something that should absolutely be seen by the public for a variety of branding purposes, and with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, it’s never been easier to give the public a glimpse at your business’ personality!

Social media can be used in a variety of ways, but none are as significant as the ability to connect in a more personal and “social” way with your consumers and prospective employees.

For Consumers: Why do people log in to Facebook? Because they want to have a social and personal experience. They don’t want to be inundated with overly promotional or business-centric content. Showcasing holiday-themed happenings at the office is a perfect way to fulfill that desire for social media users who have chosen to follow your page.

Uploading a pic like the example below is far more likely to get engagement (likes, comments and shares), which ultimately dictates how much exposure your post gets. On Facebook, and pretty much all other platforms, engagement allows you to reach those connected with the engagers. In short, engagement drives reach, and nothing gets as much engagement as personable in-house content!

Simple moments around the holidays can be a great way to show your business’ personal side!

Exposure isn’t the only thing posts like this will produce, however. Equally important to reaching a larger audience, you are positively branding your business to your consumers. This helps strengthen the overall personal connection they have with your business, which is very important for retention and relationship building.

For Recruiting: So, you just posted a job opening online and started the hiring process. John Doe is at the top of your list of candidates and you offer him the job. Before he officially agrees to take the job, he wants to think things over a little bit. Right after he hangs up the phone he begins to search your business online. One of the first places he’ll check is your Facebook page. He wants to learn a bit about the culture that he could potentially be entering before he makes a final decision.

If your page has content like the example below, John will feel much more confident about both your work environment and overall culture. The holidays offer a great opportunity to showcase your staff and your appreciation for them. Whether you are giving them small gifts or hosting a party for them, be sure to share it on social media, because that imagery will broadcast your positive work environment and make your company a more desirable work destination!

Notice the high engagement rate and strong organic reach number. These posts are always going to be your bread and butter on social media.

Be sure to have your phone handy throughout the holiday season so that you can quickly capture great moments as they happen. These images play an important role for both your branding and recruiting efforts and should not be overlooked!

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