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Consider the following when writing a response to a negative online review:

  1. Respond quickly: This will show that you are on top of things, and that your business reputation matters to you.

  2. Never go on the offensive: Take a step back, approach the review objectively and write a sincere reply with a cool head. If it turns into an online argument your reputation could be damaged even further.

  3. Thank them for their feedback: Take it as constructive criticism, and let everyone know that you are always striving to improve your customer service.

  4. Be apologetic: Remember the customer is always right, especially in the eyes of customers that read the review in the future.

  5. Accept responsibility: Most consumers want to know that you are willing to take ownership and react to their complaints. Future viewers will almost certainly appreciate that you have acknowledged the problem.

  6. Learn from the review: Let them know how you will improve based on their comments. Also, make sure you can uphold any promises you make.

  7. Let future customers know how to avoid similar problems in the future: Give future clients a way to avoid that situation, and a way to contact you personally (if possible).

  8. Keep it short and sweet: Don’t write a book. Future customers will be overwhelmed and less likely to read it.

  9. Don’t ignore the negative review, it wont go away on its own: Addressing the situation may not be the easiest course of action, but it will pay dividends in the long run.

Next Ad Agency has plenty of experience in reducing the impact of negative reviews. If you’d like our help to  see if  we can even maybe  have the negative review taken down based on terms of use violations, then  fill out the form to the left and we’ll contact you within 24-48 hours. Also check out the rest of the Online Marketing section for more tips regarding online reputation management.

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