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Should I use Facebook advertising for my business?

Yes. Facebook advertising generates new business opportunities. It helps businesses bottom lines, which means those businesses get to keep providing their wonderful products and services to their communities and countries. Facebook advertising is an effective way to reach out to audiences. These ads can reach as many people as radio or TV ads but cost [...]

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Reach your audience with Google AdWords

Hello, my name is Kelsey Tamblin and I am a certified Google AdWords Coordinator! I have worked for NEXT! Ad Agency for nearly two years and I hope that by writing this post more people will understand the basics of Google AdWords PPC and the many benefits it provides businesses. AdWords has a lot to offer business owners. [...]

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Business Owners Beware: Google Scams

  It's an annoyance that's all too common for business owners: Frequent phone calls from individuals who claim to work for Google. They tell you, “there is a problem with your business' Google page” or “we will make your business the top page on local searches.” Unfortunately, these harassing callers are a farce. They do [...]

Do visuals impact the success of a Facebook business page?

The answer is yes! Facebook business pages which post status updates with visuals in the form of videos and photo albums see more results. The same can be said for other social media (SM) platforms. Why? “Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text, graphics quickly affect our emotions, and our emotions greatly affect our [...]

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How to increase a Business Facebook Page’s “Likes”

Increasing Facebook page fans (a.k.a. Likes)  can be a tricky process for businesses. Whether it be done via paid advertising on Facebook, or the free organic approaches, Fans are often priority number-one on a Facebook business page. There are paid and organic (free) strategies to increase Facebook fans. Next! Ad Agency provides management services for both. Organic strategies [...]

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Should I use Google Plus for my local business?

  According to Statista research, Google Plus had 300 million active users as of January 2014. Its continuous growth proves that is not a ghost town of a social network, and should be used in your online marketing strategy. It is hard for the average business owner (and even social media industry leaders) to understand [...]

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Which social media sites should your business use?

(Image Source: BCG Connect)   Every day it becomes more evident that the use of social media (SM) will benefit businesses integrated marketing communications. If you have not yet looked into using SM for your business, or have had little experience, I recommend following the first few steps listed below to help you decide which SM [...]

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What the heck is PageRank?

As a small business owner you may have heard marketing professionals or SEOs talking about the “PageRank” of your business's website. Usually it's followed up by a sales pitch with a lot of jargon about PPC, on-site optimization, social media campaigns, backlinking, etc. Sometimes marketers get too caught up in trying to help improve your [...]

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9 steps for dealing with negative online reviews

(Photo Credit: ReachLocal)  Consider the following when writing a response to a negative online review: Respond quickly: This will show that you are on top of things, and that your business reputation matters to you. Never go on the offensive: Take a step back, approach the review objectively and write a sincere reply with a [...]

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Is Social Media Necessary for Your Business?

Social media (SM) should be used by businesses to have conversations with audiences online, amongst other things, even though its not a silver bullet. If a business uses traditional marketing only, such as yellow pages, the business could be left behind in the online world which, can translate to the streets. There is not one [...]

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