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What is CGI Communications’ new Weblink product?

Where do people get their information? It depends. If you think about those who are going to be moving to a new location, the answer is Google. People who are going to move to a different place will search for information online. They are called premovers. Recently, CGI Communications Inc. bought a company called Weblink [...]

Protect yourself against domain name scams

Business owners beware! There is a new scam growing in popularity based around your website's domain name. If you are a business owner with a website or are someone who owns website, read on to inoculate yourself from falling into the trap. It works like this: All domain name registration information is freely available to the public – [...]

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Mobile Optimization: Staying Relevant on the Go

With the increasing popularity of Cell phones, Phablets, and Tablet PCs, it is no surprise that in 2014 mobile usage surpassed desktops for internet use. Mobile based marketing has become an important factor for any business hoping to target a wide range on consumers. While your business may already have an established online presence, it [...]

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To Weebly or Not to Weebly? Pros & cons of DIY website builders.

As a small business owner sometimes looking for the right website solution for your company can be a dizzying experience. Having a well built website is key to having a strong online presence, but with so many options it can be hard to even understand what the important choices are. In reality there are only two [...]

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