Common Digital Marketing Scams That Target Small Business Owners

Scammers have been around for ages, but with the explosion of the internet, they have taken their scams to new heights. Among the most common targets for scammers, unfortunately, are business owners. Using a tactful combination of fear and confusion, scammers have it down to a science when it comes to ripping a business owner [...]

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Protect yourself against domain name scams

Business owners beware! There is a new scam growing in popularity based around your website's domain name. If you are a business owner with a website or are someone who owns website, read on to inoculate yourself from falling into the trap. It works like this: All domain name registration information is freely available to the public – [...]

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Business Owners Beware: Google Scams

  It's an annoyance that's all too common for business owners: Frequent phone calls from individuals who claim to work for Google. They tell you, “there is a problem with your business' Google page” or “we will make your business the top page on local searches.” Unfortunately, these harassing callers are a farce. They do [...]

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