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Common Digital Marketing Scams That Target Small Business Owners

Scammers have been around for ages, but with the explosion of the internet, they have taken their scams to new heights. Among the most common targets for scammers, unfortunately, are business owners. Using a tactful [...]

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Should You Invest in Photography for Your Website?

Written by Michelle Bowen (Web Designer) and Lauren Zazzara (Web Writer) Because the smartphone has made photography so accessible, many business owners consider taking their own photos for their websites. But unless you are a [...]

How Businesses Can Benefit From The Holidays On Social Media

The holidays have arrived, which can mean a lot of things for business owners. Maybe it means the end of the fiscal year, or maybe it means you can expect an influx of time off [...]

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Why We are Thankful for SEO & Google (And Why You Should Be, Too!)

It’s that warm-and-fuzzy time of year when we start reflecting upon what we are thankful for. Here at NEXT! Ad Agency, we are feeling especially grateful for SEO and Google. And if you own a [...]

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