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Why We are Thankful for SEO & Google (And Why You Should Be, Too!)

It’s that warm-and-fuzzy time of year when we start reflecting upon what we are thankful for. Here at NEXT! Ad Agency, we are feeling especially grateful for SEO and Google. And if you own a business, you should be thankful for them, too. Here’s why… So what is SEO Anyway? SEO stands for "search engine [...]

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Should Your Business Have a Blog?

This blog post could just be one word: Yes. But, you probably need more convincing than that. Why should you take time out of your day to start a blog? Business owners are extremely busy managing all facets of their company. No one wants to add yet another task to their plate. However, if you [...]

How the Ghostbusters would market their start-up in 2017

Nothing is as exciting (or terrifying) as starting a brand new business venture. You have a great service that you are excited to provide to your future customers, and you are looking forward to working hard and making money. However, you happen to lack a reputation, customer base, and brand recognition, making it almost impossible [...]

Second Half Tips For Your Small Business

It's hard to believe, but we are approaching the second half of the 2017 fiscal calendar. Time flies. At NEXT! Ad Agency, we understand how busy your day-to-day is as a business owner and how it can leave you little time to investigate new marketing trends and practices. Don't worry, though, we've got you covered. [...]

How latest update will impact Google AdWords

If you are a frequent online searcher (which lets be real, who isn't?), you are probably used to doing a Google Search and seeing ads both at the top of the page, and in a sidebar to the right. Well, Google has recently made some updates in the way that they are displaying ads. You [...]

The biggest online fears for small business owners

As Halloween approaches, many find themselves pondering the many things that scare them the most. Whether it be ghosts, zombies, or monsters, we all have horrors that are exposed around this time of year, and small business owners are no exception. Fear and anxiety run through the minds of business owners throughout the year, not [...]

Why is WordPress our preferred website builder?

A business's website is the soul of their online presence. These days, not only does every business need a website, but it needs to be aesthetically appealing and search-engine optimized. This often requires the owner to seek out a qualified web-design team. We have provided high quality websites to businesses all across North America and [...]

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Business Owners Beware: Google Scams

  It's an annoyance that's all too common for business owners: Frequent phone calls from individuals who claim to work for Google. They tell you, “there is a problem with your business' Google page” or “we will make your business the top page on local searches.” Unfortunately, these harassing callers are a farce. They do [...]

Mobile Optimization: Staying Relevant on the Go

With the increasing popularity of Cell phones, Phablets, and Tablet PCs, it is no surprise that in 2014 mobile usage surpassed desktops for internet use. Mobile based marketing has become an important factor for any business hoping to target a wide range on consumers. While your business may already have an established online presence, it [...]

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To Weebly or Not to Weebly? Pros & cons of DIY website builders.

As a small business owner sometimes looking for the right website solution for your company can be a dizzying experience. Having a well built website is key to having a strong online presence, but with so many options it can be hard to even understand what the important choices are. In reality there are only two [...]

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